Video Interviewing

Technology to revolutionise the way you recruit.

Revolutionise your recruitment with video interviewing…

What is video interviewing?

Pre-recorded candidate video interviews presented to you, to help you make more informed decisions in the selection and hiring process.

Solo Interviews: Candidates are sent a link to our video interview platform whereby they are presented with a series of interview questions (created by you or us) to which they need to record their answers. Candidates can complete their video interview at a time that is convenient for them and via a webcam or smartphone device.

Two-way live video interviews: Our recruiters will record a “live video interview” with candidates and provide you with the interview recordings to support your decision making process.

What are the benefits?

1) Reduce your cost and time to hire

Interviewing can be expensive and time-consuming. The simple task of scheduling an interview can turn into an enormous headache and take an age to try to find a time that’s convenient for all participants. Then, the time invested by hiring managers in the preliminary / 1st stage face to face interviews.

Using pre-recorded video interviews to screen candidates will allow you to screen a higher volume of candidates in a short space of time and at a time that suits your schedule. You can then select only the most suitable candidates for face to face interviews. Candidates will be able to complete this stage of the process quickly, at a time and place that suits them.


2) Deliver a positive candidate experience

A positive candidate experience is a key factor in the success of a recruitment campaign and future hiring potential. Employers also need to create a good impression on candidates, especially if they don’t get hired. Using video interview in your recruitment process will show candidates that your company is forward thinking and embraces the benefits that new technologies can provide. Candidates will experience a quick and streamlined process and won’t have to take time of work, use annual leave and travel to attend a preliminary interview.

3) Improve the quality and outcome of your recruitment

Being able to screen a higher volume of candidates at the preliminary stages ensures that you don’t miss out on potential hires due to interview scheduling restrictions and enables you to identify the best candidates at an early stage. Speeding up and streamlining the process by using video interviewing reduces the risk of candidate drop out and ultimately the success of your recruitment campaign.

4) Improve collaboration on your recruitment process

Video interviewing allows you to involve all of your team in the process. They can all view the video recordings at their convenience, leading to a more transparent and collective decision-making process.
There’s no doubt that video interviewing can drive positive improvements on the recruitment process. Contact us to find out how we can help you to introduce this into your recruitment process.