Online job boards are currently over saturated with many companies just like you; all working hard to appeal to the right job seekers. With that said, in order to attract top talent, it’s important that your job adverts stand out.

From their layout, to the selected copy, there are many tricks you can complete. Remember, this is the first impression a job seeker will receive of you and your offering. Making a lasting impression, while providing readers with the right information is key. Without following an effective strategy, you could stop candidates in their tracks of applying.

Here’s why writing the perfect job advert is important and how to create one, motivating more clicks on your ‘apply now’ button!


Now you may think that posting a job advert highlighting location, salary expectations, responsibilities and a general job title will cut it. However, in today’s market, it takes a lot more to win over a job seeker.

Candidates now understand that the application process is much more than handing in a CV. Therefore, most will only commit time and effort for the perfect opportunities. In order to target and attract those ideal candidates, you will need to be writing the perfect job advert, communicating your opportunity clearly.

Writing the perfect job advert will help you…

– Reach the right people: There are thousands of job seekers out there using online job boards and social media platforms, on the hunt for a new opportunity. With that said, it is important that you cut through the majority, to reach your ideal candidates. Writing the perfect job advert through integrating keywords and optimising your content will help to boost your ranking with the right people.

– Stand out in a saturated market: As touched on above, the internet is taken over by hiring managers, looking to engage with active job seekers. There’s page after page of job openings across a variety of major online job boards. Writing the perfect job advert will help you stand out over competitors, boosting your likelihood of engaging with and hiring industry leaders.

– Set clear expectations with job seekers: By writing the perfect job advert, you will set clear expectations from the offset with job seekers. Providing vital information, along with your goals and hiring objectives will set the scene. Additionally, setting a standard from the offset will provide a positive perception of your hiring process – Something current job seekers demand!

– Reduce your recruitment time: Now we all know how long winded the hiring process can be. Therefore, by writing the perfect job advert, you will have the opportunity to reduce your recruitment timeframe. Firstly, by providing all important information and setting boundaries, you should receive less back and forth communication with interested candidates. Currently you may receive questions such as ‘is this role open to freelancers?’ or ‘what are the opportunities for progression?’. Communicating this at the starting line will motivate the right applications sooner. Secondly, you will engage with top talent quicker by meeting their online job searches through copywriting and marketing techniques, embedded in your adverts.Imagine all the time you could save by writing the perfect job advert first time around?


Now we’ve touched on the benefits you could experience by writing the perfect job advert, here’s how to format one from scratch.

– Pick an optimised job title: Before writing the perfect job advert, it is important that you select a job title which not only reflects your opening but includes highly researched words. This will ensure that you job advert is accessed by the right people.

– Include all important details: From job title and salary expectations, to daily responsibilities and requirements, it is important that you clearly divide your content up. Put yourself in a job seekers shoes and consider all of the key information they will require while skimming adverts. Now apply this information when writing the perfect job advert. Ensure that a persona is mapped out, communicating requirements and characteristics.

– Keep it clear and concise: Writing the perfect job advert can sometimes be difficult if you are a rambler. It is important that all copy is clear and concise, easily communicating objectives and details. This should be completed by a copywriter or someone with writing knowledge to ensure all detail is included, tied up in a shiny attractive bow.

However, keep in mind that the copy should also be engaging when writing the perfect job advert. One effective way to maintain engagement is by formatting a job advert to resemble a story. Ensure a clear beginning sets the scene, a chunky middle includes the important stuff, and an ending setting the next route, along with calls to action.

– Paint a picture of your company: Company culture is a biggie in today’s job market. Job seekers require employers who reflect their values while providing desired benefits. With this said, here is your chance to shout them from the rooftop to attract candidates. Ensure you leave a section to honestly sell your company offering. Allow candidates a behind the scenes snapshot of who you are, and how they will be treated while working with you.

– SEO: Throughout your job advert, SEO techniques should be in place. Keywords used by your target candidate should be embedded throughout, increasing your visibility. This should be prioritised when writing the perfect job advert, ensuring that the right words are used to boost ranking.

Now we understand that you may feel outside of your comfort zone when writing the perfect job advert. Copywriting isn’t for everyone. With that said, here at Smart Search, we work with companies just like you, helping them format clear, yet stand out job adverts. We follow the above guidelines while bringing in some tricks of our own to writing the perfect job advert.

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