The current unprecedented situation that we find ourselves in is causing major disruption to life and business as we know it. Despite this, there are still lot’s businesses and sectors that remain strong and will be able to ride the storm, but given the current situation, those employers are understandably hesitant about recruiting at this time. Before the pandemic, you may have been recruiting but have put things on hold, but is this the right move?


Why to Continue Recruiting During This Time

For those in a position to recruit, be it for business critical or growth roles, the current climate presents a real opportunity for a number of reasons:

  • Increased number of quality candidates in the market, even from sectors and with skill sets where there have been significant shortages in recent times.
  • Increased candidate availability to speak and engage privately due to remote working
  • Significantly less competition from other recruiting businesses

If you have a vacancy that is a must-hire, or if you are planning for when this disruption has passed, (and it will), then now could be the perfect time to start the recruitment process.


How To Keep Recruiting


1. Digitising Your Candidate Attraction

You can take your entire recruitment online.  Advertising jobs online, headhunting and utilising an ATS – this phase of the process doesn’t need to change.  With no contact with candidates beyond emails and phone calls.

2. The Interview

Digital interviews are a way to keep the process moving. Video interviewing has already been adopted by many companies and is a safe way to continue the interview process during social distancing.

3. Job Offer and On-boarding

Crack on: Business who have a strong digital infrastructure to include remote working and an onboarding process will be able to proceed to offer and start without restrictions.

Hang fire: For those companies that can’t offer remote working or require new starters go through a site base training and induction process, then an offer in principle can be made, with start date to be confirmed. For those employers that will need to complete a final face to face interview prior to offer can communicate this to the candidates in the recruitment funnel and press on with this as soon as they are in a position as soon as they are in a position to do so.

For those that require support during this period, we are offering £100 discount and FREE video interviewing on recruitment packages.

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