The traditional recruitment model is broken; it has been for a while now, yet companies and hiring managers are still following old ways. If that’s you… STOP!

Think of it like this… Would you ask five accountants to do your books, yet only pay the one who completes them with the quickest turnaround? We’re hoping not! Would you be confident that your accounts had been completed accurately, that no corners had been cut and that you had received a high level of service? Probably not. It is likely that these mistakes would end up costing you more time, money and headaches in the long run.

The most effective way of narrowing down a service would be by checking out each accountant to find out what they offer, their rates and their reputation, helping you select the best fit for your requirements.

Likewise, while hiring, you’ll need to follow an effective recruitment strategy to get the best results, while following technological, economic and recruitment trends. Putting pressure on a number of recruiters with the motive to pay the one who finds your ideal candidate, the quickest, won’t work in your favour.


  • All recruiters will be fishing in the same pool of candidates, fighting over themselves to get to the candidates first. Imagine being a candidate, having to fight this off!
  • Recruiters will be rushing to get candidates over to you with the possibility of cutting corners; some may even avoid regular processes of completing an in-depth discussion with candidates, with the aim to get their CV over to you as soon as possible! This will definitely be a waste of time!
  • Their sourcing standards may drop, throwing loads of CV’s over to you in the hope that one candidate will be good enough, resulting in payment…And not to mention the relentless calls you’d receive by the various recruiters working for you, all at the same time!

This is a frustrating way of working for recruiters, a low-quality experience for candidates (putting them off future collaborations with recruiters) and a recruitment service with little value for money for your business. Wait… this is how recruitment has worked for years on end, following a traditional model. This is definitely a broken process which should be avoided, and now you can with our support!


If you’re unhappy with your current recruitment results, it’s time to consider a smarter model.

Attracting, engaging and recruiting the best candidates has and will always be the ultimate goal; yet this isn’t possible for some companies. Why is that? As they are following generic, outdated recruitment models. Now imagine what can be achieved by working with one dedicated recruiter, in a way that’s tailored to your needs, and for significantly less than the cost of using a traditional recruitment agency. It’s a no brainer huh?


  • Attract and engage with the best, most suitable candidates for your roles.
  • Reduce your recruitment spend by paying significantly less when comparing to traditional recruitment agencies. Spend can even be shared across multiple campaigns, helping to achieve greater value for money!
  • Avoid rigid services of a traditional recruitment model by experiencing flexible and tailored solutions to meet your specific needs and budget.
  • One recruiter (one point of contact), working on your behalf to achieve the best results for your business.
  • On-trend services, considering technological and recruitment changes and needs.

You can experience the above benefits of a tailored recruitment model by utilising our recruitment solutions available. From offering a one-off hiring service, helping you fill your role efficiently, yet effectively, to offering a comprehensive, personalised recruitment strategy to follow for the future, our services can achieve this.

Find out more about our bespoke recruitment solutions by getting in touch today. Book your free recruitment strategy appraisal to identify the most suitable model moving forward.

The option is in your hands – to remain following an outdated, traditional recruitment model, offering generic results, or to make changes, helping you recruit for the future. Which one do you choose? Get in touch today to benefit your recruitment… 0333 939 0074 / info@smartsearch-recruitment.com