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As technology continually advances, it’s inevitable that video interviewing would change the recruitment landscape. Yet, standing as a new concept, many companies are lacking knowledge of the potential benefits available, by simply employing video technology.

From significantly reducing the hiring process timeframe, benefitting both hiring managers and candidates, to improving the recruitment outcome, probable advantages are attached to video interviewing.

With this in mind, here at Smartsearch, we’ve seen the value this evolution can bring to our clients and their hiring goals. See the potential we’ve appreciated in video interviewing, now available through our recruitment solutions…

The rise of video interviewing

Video has been a favoured communication method for some time. Whether that’s through engaging marketing content or journalistic style interviewing, video provides greater relatability; its visual appeal offers comfort, connectivity and familiarity.

As the appeal has increased across many industries, it was foreseeable that video would enter the recruitment market. Yet many companies are still shying away from this new technology, favouring face to face interviews. Of course, face to face engagement is required when recruiting. This is one of the most effective ways to ensure a positive fit is present between both parties. However, attempting to hold multiple rounds of in-house interviews can delay the recruitment process; causing a negative candidate experience.

Here is where video interviewing can offer a helping hand to improve the hiring process – offering convenience, speed and open communication.

See the benefits you can experience by employing video interviewing technologies…

The benefits of embracing video interviewing technologies

Reduce your overall cost and time when hiring

Interviewing in general is a lengthy process. Finding a suitable time for both parties can develop into a hefty schedule of interviews; especially when attempting to interview multiple candidates face to face. Finding suitability can also delay the hiring turnaround, with the potential to damage the overall candidate experience.

Time is something we all struggle with; we’d love some extra hours in the day. With this in mind, pre-recorded video interviewing technologies will help you screen candidates efficiently, helping you shortlist the most suitable individuals for face to face interviews. This is also a selling point for candidates, providing them the opportunity to progress through the hiring process, without taking time off.

Ensure a positive candidate experience is delivered

The experience your candidates have can affect your future hiring capabilities and reputation in the market. By employing video interviewing into your process, you’ll be branded as a forward-thinking company, embracing the value of technology.

Likewise, your aim to improve the experience for candidates will not go unnoticed, offering a streamlined, quick recruitment process. Remember that your employer brand image will determine the overarching success of your recruitment campaigns.

Improve the quality of recruitment outcomes

The aim of every recruitment campaign is to hire suitable candidates, bringing value to your company. Yet, attempting to achieve this aim through standardised recruitment processes can be difficult, reducing your desirability by following a drawn-out process.

To achieve this aim, video interviewing can help you identify your key candidates, moving them through the hiring process efficiently; with the hope to avoid any dropouts. Likewise, this will offer valuable information from candidates, helping you form a strong shortlist, ready to interview in person.

Boost collaboration across the recruitment process

Transparent and collective decision-making can offer effective results when hiring. By utilising video interviewing, recordings can be viewed by your team, helping to boost collaborative decisions when shortlisting.

This is a valuable tool, especially when hiring as an SME, helping to build a unified culture

Experience the benefits of video interviewing with Smartsearch…

By making the most of video interviewing, the above benefits are likely to be experienced. Here at Smartsearch, our new video interviewing solution can offer a multitude of screening tools, delivering value to the hiring processes of our clients. The key areas our video interviewing solutions target include…

  • Live interviewing: Here is where our recruiters can meet and interview candidates online, helping to differentiate applicants, creating a shortlist meeting your standards.
  • Solo interviews: Finding out as much information on candidates, with focus on their experience, motives and skills is vital; especially within the first few stages of your hiring process. Video interviewing, through solo sessions can achieve this by inviting candidates to answer your questions in their own time. This is a fully functional process, helping to improve the candidate experience, while saving vital material to access at your own convenience.
  • Shortlists: Within our video interviewing method, you’ll have access to your own recruitment portal, full of valuable application material; including CV’s, pre-recorded answers and up to 5 pieces of supporting material. Notes can also be added to speed up the recruitment process, while motivating organisation.


With the possibility to improve the recruitment process for both yourself and candidates, video interviewing is a worthwhile investment. Arrange a call with our team today at Smartsearch, helping you merge video interviewing into your recruitment process.

Reap the benefits of this emerging technology, helping you stay ahead of the recruitment landscape! Video interviewing is the future, yet here at Smartsearch, we can appreciate the value it can bring to today’s recruitment market…