Sourcing desirable candidates for your job opening can be difficult without the right resources to hand. Without an effective recruitment strategy, includingaccess to advertising and search resources, recruitment expertise and the time to deliver, you may start to feel like hiring the right person is impossible.

Are you struggling with your candidate search? Or maybe you’re gaining attraction, but finding it difficult to manage the whole recruitment process? No matter the situation, if you’re experiencing hiring block syndrome, consider working with a recruitment expert today!

Below are the benefits of working with a recruitment expert, and how to go about selecting one…



Here at Smartsearch, for many of our clients, their key struggle surrounds candidate sourcing; The quality of candidates, the ability to engage with them and maintain attraction.

By working with a recruitment expert, specialised skills and resources will be in place to engage with the right candidates.

Many clients that we work with have tried to recruit themselves but have failed – it’s a common theme. There are a variety of reasons for the lack of success, and it’s rarely down to there being no suitable candidates out there. In most cases, it’s as a result of one or a number of the following; incorrect strategy, the search resources and job advertising platforms utilised and how they are used, lack of recruitment knowledge and expertise, poor process and candidate management, and lack of time to deliver effectively.

Now imagine having the helping hand of a recruitment expert to guide and support you or manage the process on your behalf. Firstly, they have significant industry knowledge, understanding what it takes to deliver an effective recruitment campaign. Secondly, they have a database and network of candidates, ideal for your positionand access to all of the job advertising platforms. Thirdly, they know exactly how to engage with those candidates, attracting them to your opportunity. And last but not least, the time to manage this process for you effectively.

Which option would you prefer? Working with a recruitment expert will tackle your sourcing needs.


Another benefit of working with a recruitment expert is the large pool of both active and passive talent in their network. Your current strategy may include receiving applications and following up. Recruitment experts are ahead of the game by regularly communicating with their network – whether that be over the phone, consistent social media posts or targeted mail shots.

Within that network, some will be passive candidates – inactive individuals when considering the job market, who can be highly experienced and desirable. However, for the right opportunity, the heads of passive candidates can be turned – especially by a recruitment expert. With this strategy, you’ll have greater chance of hiring your ideal candidate. Without it, you could be missing out by capping your reach.


If you’re stuck for time and find it difficult to maintain consistent communication throughout the hiring process, a recruitment expert can take this strain away from you. From sourcing candidates and completing initial screenings, to moving them through the funnel and communicating decisions, a quality process can be maintained.

Not only will this provide you with the energy to invest in other business matters, it will boost your employer brand image. Job seekers desire an efficient, easy to complete application process. They further wish for open communication, quick response rates and to be kept in the loop, even if bad news is on the horizon. Whether they receive this or not, they will share their experiences with other job seekers, effecting your reputation in the market.

Maintaining a positive employer brand image can be managed by a recruitment expert, helping you attract, engage with and retain top talent.


If you’ve decided that your hiring efforts will benefit from working with a recruitment expert, here’s some steps to take when selecting your ideal agency…

  • Check experience:Make sure that the recruitment expert you decide to work with has experience in hiring for your industry. Specialised recruiters have great knowledge of their patch, along with an understanding of desired skills, experience and characteristics to fit a company.
  • Follow your budget:Costs usually vary from recruiter to recruiter. A major factor driving your selection should be your recruitment budget. Here at Smartsearch, we offer 3 different recruitment solution packages, all with a fixed price to match your budget.
  • Have a conversation:One of the best ways you can gauge whether a recruitment expert is for your company or not is by simply having a conversation. Here you’ll be able to understand their processes greater, their values and whether they can offer value for money.

If you’re on the hunt for a recruitment expert to support you, give our team a call here at Smartsearch. We specialise in offering recruitment solutions to boost the effectiveness of your hiring. Whether you’re looking for a fixed price pay-as-you-go solution or a more bespoke or fully managed RPO service, we have you covered. Get in touch on 0333 9390074.