Have you ever completed low-quality, quick hires to instantly fill a position in your company, with the aim to avoid any workplace disruptions? Although in the short-term this may seem the easiest approach, long-term, greater interferences can be experienced.

Following an effective recruitment process is highly important. The candidates you source and engage with, the screening strategies you follow, and your ongoing employer brand image can affect your workplaces success; in both the hiring world and business in general. With this in mind, it is important that you are responsible for improving/managing your recruitment activity, along with making the effort to engage with candidates who fit the bill.

Here at Smartsearch, we understand that time is money. However, it is highly important to invest into your recruitment process to achieve the end result of valuable employees.This will carry many benefits such as the quality of candidates you attract and engage with moving forward, the strength of your company culture, your employees moral and your identity – all vital for future triumphs!

See our top tips for improving your recruitment process below. Avoid low-quality, quick hires, while saving money long-term through results driven solutions… And don’t worry, hires can still be completed efficiently. However, this will be down to the steps you take, rather than a quick, inadequate selection.


It is understandable that the desire to fill your open positions quickly is favoured. Days, weeks or months without vital employees can cause issues in the workplace. However, by speeding up your process significantly, and selecting the first candidate you come across, many issues can arise.

Hiring a new employee is an important step for any business. If you are serious about developing a collaborative, motivated team who contributes to your success, your recruitment should also be taken seriously.

Some companies may be lucky and engage with high-quality quick hires. However, this will usually be achieved by completing substantial groundwork beforehand – factors such as utilising the most favoured job portals or promoting an honest representation of their employer brand organically.

However, without the initial foundations in place, quick hires can affect your workplace in many ways. Disjointed cultures, a lack of commitment to your company values, reduced productivity and an increase of spends on the consistent staff turnover are a few to name.

Therefore, it is vital that you view your hiring ability as a consistent activity. Making small changes to your recruitment strategy will reduce your likelihood of engaging with low-quality candidates – ultimately advancing your workplace accomplishments and opportunities.


If you’re hoping to improve your hiring quality, there are many factors you can consider. Remember, the market is currently driven by candidates. Many companies just like you are attempting to engage with the best of the best, avoiding quick, unsuitable hires. With this in mind, it is important that the effectiveness of each recruitment touchpoint a candidate experiences is high, helping influence an efficient yet worthy hire.

  • Work with recruitment experts:One of the best ways you can ensure the quality of your hires are maintained is by working with recruitment experts.Recruiters play a significant part in the hiring process. They can manage the whole process for you while ensuring a standard is met when engaging with candidates. They can promote quick hires yet ensure that candidates bring value to your workplace, rather than a burden. This will be achieved through a variety of techniques – from executive searches, to social media marketing.
  • Consider your image at all times:Alongside outsourcing your recruitment efforts, maintaining a strong employer brand image will work in your favour. Rather than spending substantial time on sourcing candidates, make the most of attraction marketing.By promoting a workplace which genuinely cares about their employees, you’ll naturally attract high-quality candidates to your company. You may end up with a line of top talent knocking at your door. However, remember that groundwork must be completed in advance to reach the attraction level.
  • Invest time into your recruitment process:While doing your part in the recruitment process, it is important that you take it seriously, by investing time and effort. The experiences your candidates go through can make or break your name in the industry. Investing little time will continue to influence low-quality, quick hires. Enabling effective, positive experiences will be noticed and shared within the job market, helping you attract more candidates, and most importantly, valuable employees.
  • Recruit consistently:By recruiting consistently throughout the year, you will have a pool of active talent available to engage with. This can be managed by your recruitment expert. However, it is your responsibility to make your offering desirable, whilst promoting opportunity within your workplace.

If you are fed up of hiring unsuitable candidates and the drawbacks they carry in the workplace, start today by implementing the above recruitment solutions. Here at Smartsearch, we can help you find high-quality hires within an efficient timescale. From sourcing candidates and initial screenings, to final decisions and arrangements, we can manage the whole recruitment process for you.

Avoid low-quality, quick hires by focusing on your recruitment strategy. Long-term, this will significantly benefit your workplace and ability to attract, hire and engage valuable individuals.

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