As we enter uncertain times, there has never been more focus on reducing costs for most businesses.  But what if you are still recruiting?  How do you reduce your current recruitment spend?

Here at Smartsearch Recruitment, we appreciate how costly working with traditional recruitment agencies can become. We also understand how time consuming and challenging in-house recruiting can be.  We are here to help.

  • Do you have high recruitment spend due to your reliance on traditional recruitment agencies?
  • Do you struggle to manage the whole recruitment process in-house and attract and hire the best talent?
  • Do you spend longer than needed on recruitment activity?
  • Do you aim for quick hires, helping to relieve internal pressure?

If so, it sounds like you need a smarter recruitment strategy, helping to reduce the cost of your recruitment efforts. See why recruiting can become so pricey, along with our cost-effective services. Save even more and make use of our current offer, redeeming £100 off your first campaign!

Why does recruiting become so pricey?

Recruiting is a pricey activity. However, for a business to tick by, it’s a necessity. Common recruitment strategies include working with an agency or doing it yourself, in-house. Yet, without careful consideration and weighing up the pros and cons, both strategies can become costly. Of course, if completed well, you may receive a great return of investment; yet, can that always be guaranteed?

Attempting to complete your recruitment, in-house, initially sounds like a great idea. Utilising your existing resources will seem like a good way to save the pennies. However, by doubling up your internal work, how long is your time to hire? Is your recruitment process longer than it should be? Not only will this add up the expenses, it may also reduce your desirability to candidates.

In-house recruitment can also be challenging if you have little recruiting experience. This is commonly the route start-ups or SME’s will follow. Yet without knowledge of the most effective strategy, you could be investing into costly and useless software, processes and ads.

In tandem, working with recruitment agencies, especially specialists can be beneficial. Valuable hires can be made through their services. However, this service is costly, commonly standing at a percentage of the annual salary/remuneration package on offer. We can see exactly how the costs add up, especially when recruiting multiple employees.

If this is your current reality, do not fear. There is a way to reduce the cost of your recruitment efforts… A smarter, more productive and cost-effective approach.

Reduce the cost of your recruitment efforts through Smartsearch Recruitment

Offering the exact level and standard of service as recruitment agencies yet saving our clients on average 85% off fees – exactly what we do here at Smartsearch Recruitment.

Following a direct hire approach, we can reduce the cost of your recruitment efforts through a ‘pay as you go’ method. Catering to our client’s needs, we evaluate hiring goals, only recommending suitable strategies. With no hidden fees, long-term contracts or expectations, we can help you in the here and now, or years down the line.

From a single hire, to a comprehensive recruitment strategy, we can reduce the cost of your recruitment efforts through our solutions. Offering transparent pricing structures, you’ll receive the exact service you need to attract, hire and retain valuable employees. Likewise, one of the most effective ways we help to reduce the cost of your recruitment is by avoiding limits. Many agencies will follow a single recruitment approach, with the requirement to pay for each hire. No matter how many candidates you hire through a single campaign, you will only have to pay the pre-arranged price.

This may all sound too good to be true. You may believe that standards will be reduced, that candidate quality will diminish, or our service will be inconsistent. Yet, it’s actually the exact opposite, following similar approaches to recruitment agencies, yet at a fraction of the price.

Additionally, our innovative direct approach acts as an extension of your internal team. We will form a strategy that is required for your exact recruitment needs, increasing your autonomy in the hiring arena, while speeding up your time to hire. Bespoke services are on offer, improving the suitability of service you receive, while also in place to reduce the cost of your recruitment activity.


Our cost-effective direct recruitment services

With the aim to provide value for money, we offer a range of transparent packages, covering the entire recruitment sphere. From sourcing and forming optimised job ads, to a free ATS and full candidate management, we can meet the level of support you require.

Our services can also be offered on a one-off basis, or even across a mapped out, long-term recruitment strategy. Whichever you select, have the knowledge that with our guarantee we can reduce the cost of your recruitment efforts.

To keep your company ahead of the curve, we also offer the latest recruitment technologies and innovations. To reduce your time to hire and your overall costs, we offer a video interviewing platform, convenient for both your company and candidates. Improving your candidate experience and industry image, our direct approach will offer a return of investment.


Get in touch with our team today for further information on how we can reduce the cost of your recruitment. So far you may only have experience with recruitment agencies, carrying high costs. Have reassurance that exact standards will be received, while prioritising value for money. Make use of our current offer by saving £100 off your first campaign! Contact us now before this extra saving runs out!