Are you utilising all the latest online recruitment tools? From social media content to application tracking systems, there are many techniques used to boost effectiveness; helping ease the process for you while reaching candidates successfully.

Implementing a complete online strategy can make hiring easier. It’s the way we now communicate, make decisions and spend a large proportion of our time. Without one, you will miss out on the best of the best talent.

If you are struggling to hire, are disappointed with the quality of applicants or are failing to engage with talent, reaching candidates online could be the answer. See why online strategies are effective, and the techniques you should be using, reaching candidates quicker and easier.


Most companies with the long-term goal of hiring and retaining ideal employees will have an online strategy in place. It is a highly competitive candidate driven market. In order to stand out, online platforms must be utilised throughout each hiring touchpoint. Gone are the days where CV’s are handed in and communication is completed over the phone.

Additionally, to cater to candidate requirements, reaching out and maintaining communication online should be prioritised. This will make the process easier for you to manage, while attracting talented job seekers to your openings. Remember it’s all about candidate experience nowadays.

Having an online image will also benefit your employer branding. This is now a biggie in the recruitment world. Job seekers want to know exactly what it’s like to work at your company. Using online, viral strategies will provide you with a platform to effectively share your opportunities, benefits and culture.

Reaching candidates online can easily be done by sharing unique content of your offering.


Now we know how important reaching candidates online is, here are some techniques you can use to engage with them…

  • Social media content: Most communication is now completed over the likes of LinkedIn and Facebook. Additionally, a large proportion of time and effort goes into scrolling through networking news feeds. With that said, reaching candidates online could be done effectively by posting job adverts across company profiles. You can also reposition content off your website and blog to improve your credibility.
  • Email marketing: Although some believe email marketing is dead, it’s far from it. By sharing quality content, new job opportunities and behind the scenes snippets of your workplace, you’ll build up a picture of your employer brand. By sharing content with your list of applicants and candidates who’ve shown interest, you’ll subconsciously influence their opinion on your job openings… But remember to follow GDPR guidelines.
  • Online applicant tracking systems: This strategy will benefit both you and your candidates. Reaching candidates online and maintaining communication couldn’t be more effective than using an ATS plug in. Here you can move candidates through your hiring funnel, while arranging automated decisions, communicate next steps and manage candidate details. This will cater to candidate needs by ensuring engagement is consistent and on time.
  • Apps: Apps are a highly favoured platform for companies looking at reaching candidates online. Job seekers love on the go applications and content. You can provide them with a career hub, keeping jobs and communication under one roof.


    • Keep communication consistent:No matter which medium you use, communication must be kept consistent. This will improve your reputation when considering your hiring process, along with speeding up your recruitment rate.
    • Keep content consistent:Alongside communication, sharing content should also be consistent. This will ensure you are constantly reminding candidates of your opportunities, while increasing your reach through likes, comments and shares.
    • Get your current employees involved:Reaching candidates online may be easy at first, but to keep them engaged long-term, content must be relatable and genuine. By getting your employees involved, a positive employer brand image will be presented.
    • Shop around for tools which will work for you:If you’re a small start-up, investing in an ATS or an app may not be required immediately – keep budget in mind when looking at ways of reaching candidates online. Additionally, depending on your industry, consider which social media networks will work best for you, and whether you have a team capable to manage them.

    Alongside the above hints and tips, the biggest piece of advice is getting online. Candidates will question your opportunities if you’re lacking an online presence – this can be off putting when looking to engage with you. Having a strong image will make reaching candidates online easier, while boosting interest, attraction, engagement and applications.

    If you require support with your recruiting, or a helping hand to get your offering online, here at Smartsearch we can help. Get in touch on 0333 9390074 for our expert recruitment solutions.