Imagine receiving the perfect CV application, but a candidate ignores your calls/emails. Visualise arranging an interview, fully accepted by a candidate, yet it results in a no-show.  Picture sending an offer letter, which is accepted, soon followed by non-existent first working day… it looks like you may have been ghosted. Have you been a victim of this frustrating trend?

Ghosting is now a common occurrence in the recruitment world, especially with younger candidates. Data suggests that ghosting has increased across the industry due to staggering employment levels in 2019. The market is candidate driven, allowing jobseekers to be picky, usually with multiple job offers on the table.

Being ghosted by candidates cannot always be controlled – after all, it’s down to their actions. Yet, there are steps you can take as an employer to reduce your chances of ghosting.

Keep reading to decrease your odds of being ghosted by candidates…


The rise of candidate ghosting

14% of employees have ghosted employers throughout the recruitment process – have you been on the receiving end of this? Unfortunately, candidate ghosting is rising. The recruitment arena is currently reflecting the cutthroat dating world. Ignored calls, blocked emails and interview no-shows are a few tactics to look out for.

Candidate ghosting is becoming common down to the surplus of opportunities available to job seekers. Commonly juggling a number of interviews, it’s more than likely that a few of those employers will be left in the dark. Although this is branded as disrespectful in normal day to day life, it’s somehow seen as acceptable in recruitment.

Worse yet, 62% of employers have experienced no-shows, where employees have failed to make it to their first working day – even when contracts have been signed! This is not only disheartening for employers; it means restarting the recruitment process.

If you’re being ghosted by candidates, there could be a valid reason behind this. Or in worse news, it could be down to your recruitment strategy. Are you truly offering what current employees want? Do you have a positive reputation? Are you following an efficient, engaging recruitment strategy? Or maybe you’re unknowingly ghosting candidates? Here’s how to reduce your ghosting experiences…


How to reduce your chances of being ghosted by candidates

In a competitive market, there are some steps you can take as an employer to attract candidates – not scare them away. Here at Smartsearch Recruitment, we recommend thinking about the below before commencing your recruitment activity.

Offer exactly what today’s candidates want

If you’re being ghosted by candidates, this could be down to your level of appeal. Are you offering exactly what today’s candidates want? If so, are you communicating this? From flexible working and progression plans, to work from home policies and bonuses, these benefits could reduce your ghosting experiences.

If you’re failing to appeal to candidates, you could make them think twice about your offer… which commonly, isn’t a good sign.

Only 18% of employers communicate benefits before recruiting. Make sure you’re consistently communicating yours!

Endorse employee advocacy

What a better way to reassure candidates of their acceptance than through employee advocacy? Let your candidates get to know your company, the team and what it’s like to work for you, before they even enter the door. This is a valuable way of boosting relatability. Help them place themselves in their impending role, reducing the possibility of ghosting.

Promote an efficient recruitment process

Your recruitment process can help or hinder your chances of getting employees through the door. By following a poor, disengaging and prolonged process, you’ll increase your chances of being ghosted by candidates – probably more than once. In the grand scheme of things, you’re basically ghosting candidates yourself.

By opting for an efficient strategy you’ll move candidates through the process quickly, while offering a positive experience. This will likely grab their attention and deviate their interest from other opportunities.

Hints and tips for improving your recruitment process  

The application processes

Here we recommend that a clear, concise application process is promoted. Ensure candidates know where they stand, have knowledge of the next steps and timelines. Keep communication open, while utilising tools such as an ATS and video interviewing to improve experience. We also recommend engaging a recruitment partner to manage this activity for you, helping keep on top of a fast-paced application process.

The application process is about moving the right candidates through the recruitment journey efficiently. By doing so, you’ll reduce your chances of being ghosted later on in the process.


The interview stages

If you’ve ever been ghosted by candidates post interview, it’s maybe time to look at your interview techniques. Consider how you paint your company and the role. Make a conscious effort to place the spotlight on your candidate, ensuring a worthwhile experience for them. After all, this is also their chance to evaluate your company and offer.


The offer

Candidates can go cold and sometimes ghost employers if an offer takes it’s time. Avoid this by providing candidates with a timeline of your decision process… and then stick to it. This again can be managed by a recruitment partner on your behalf, helping you promote an engaged and active decision.


The first working day

If you fail to live up to candidate expectations, you may be ghosted in the workplace. Provide as much accurate information throughout the whole recruitment process. Share in demand benefits and deliver them. Promote employee advocacy. Advertise your employer brand. But, most importantly, keep on top of your entire recruitment process, promoting efficiency…


Here at Smartsearch recruitment, we can help you keep a finger on the pulse. We can manage your recruitment process for you, offering the latest tools and resources, such as video interviewing. Improve the experience candidates have, reducing your chances of ghosting.

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